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Schoffman Insurance Services BBB Business Review

What makes Schoffman Insurance different from other insurance advisors?

We take a personal approach to your insurance planning — and we deliver professional results.

We get to know you.
We carefully explore your immediate needs, concerns, and long-term goals. The understanding we gain of you, your attitudes, and your expectations guides every recommendation we make.

We customize a strategy to meet your needs.
We work with you to develop a plan that defines your objectives and sets a strategy to achieve them. Our goal is to arrive at a plan that you understand thoroughly and can accept with confidence.

We’re experienced, we understand the insurance and financial marketplace, and we use sophisticated tools to manage your plan or program.
Our expertise with insurance and annuities helps us recognize opportunities and pitfalls other advisors may overlook. Our detailed reports help us manage your account and report to you on how it’s doing.

We adjust your insurance plan or investment program as your needs evolve not as the latest fad dictates.
We take a disciplined approach to your needs. Once a year we review your insurance plan or financial program with you to ensure that our strategy remains on target with your goals. Changes are based on changes in your circumstances not on the hot plan of the moment.